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What’s robot camera wifi?

Robot camera Wifi is an intelligent home security camera. It mainly used indoor. We can put it on the table, and also install it on the wall, ceiling. It can detect the human’s movement. We can set the working model when detecting the human motion then make an alarm sound and send the message alert to the smartphone APP. Also, the rotate head can follow the moving humans. We call it wifi robot camera because we connect the robot camera to the network by wifi. It’s very simple to install. After getting the package, we can install it by ourselves according to the instruction.

Why we use robot camera with wifi?

  • The robot security wifi camera can detect the human motion, and take action as we set. It can send us a message on our mobile phone and make an alarm sound. And when we moving, the head will follow us.
  • The message push function can help us monitor and safeguard our concern place, like the entrance of the room, open store, warehouse and so on. Just install the wifi robot camera at the concern place.
  • The robot camera with wifi has a rotate lens head. It can follow the moving human automatically, and we can also control the head by a mobile phone app. It’s very simple, kids also can handle and they love to play with the cute robot camera. This function will expand our view range widely. The rotate angle is Pan and Tilt 355°/90°. It works smoothly and very sensitively.

How does the Wifi robot camera work?

The main part to control the motion sensor camera function is the PCBA. In the PCBA board, there’s the PIR slot. When we open the sensor function. The camera will detect the human movement and follow the moving human, and also push the alert message. How does the motion sensor camera work? you can read here.

you can see the motion sensor function in the youtube video:

What’s the feature of Robot Camera with wifi?

The robot camera with wifi is specially used for security monitor of human moving. It’s very simple to install and use. There are many wonderful functions. The robot camera is very useful and funny, kids love to play with them. It’s a good safeguard device.

APP Control Robot camera with wifi.

The Robot camera with wifi connection supports the Phone APP remote monitor. This can help you monitor your house from anywhere at any time. And we can control the view angle on the app. The rotate angle is Pan/Tilt 355°/90°. The robot camera supports up to 64GB TF card storage(Not included). When setting the standby mode. then it will record only when triggered. Support cloud storage.

Charge Model of wifi Robot camera.

The robot uses the power adaptor to charge the camera, this supports the continual working.

Smart movement Sensor Activated Camera

The safeguard device is armed with the newest Adjustable PIR sensibility and wide-angle sensor (5 Meters IR Range) detects human movements and offers real-time and accurate alerts (APP push notifications).

  • The robot camera wifi device is armed with the newest sensibility and wide-angle motion sensor (5 Meters IR Range) detects human movements and offers real-time and accurate alerts (APP push notifications).
  • you can fix the wifi robot camera at the necessary entrance to your house. When you are not home, you can also get an alert message and monitor the house. When you want to view the condition in the house, just open the camera app. You can also control the view angle on the APP. Then scan the whole space in the room.

Why choose us?

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Customer popular questions.

Q: Can I print my logo on the product? Can I customize the colors and finish type?

A: Yes, all appearances are customizable.

Q: I want a different type of packaging, is it possible?

A: Yes, not a problem. There is a stock fee for quantities under 2000pcs and free of charge above 2000pcs (based on carton or blister type packaging).

Q: How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

A: We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. If sea shipment, it depends on the vessel.

Q: I want samples with my own logo, is it possible?

A: Yes it is possible. A small charge may apply depending on requirements.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee for the products?

A: yes, we offer one year guarantee for the products.

Summarize of Robot camera with wifi

The wifi robot camera can help to monitor the room. The intelligent robot camera is very useful to record useful video and push in-time alert. And in-home the rotating head will following the moving human automatically. We can also control the head remotely. It’s very simple to install and very funny to use. We list the solution in this article if you have any comment and suggestion, welcome to tell us. We are manufacture in Shenzhen China, welcome to your inquiry and wholesale propose. We hope to do long-term and win-win cooperation with you. Thanks.

The similar product we suggest

There’s also a slimmer product like motion sensor camera. It has the function to detect the movement and push the message alert to the monitor mobile app. That’s can help to safeguard the place we concern about. Like our room, warehouse, plant farm, and livestock farm.

Beside’s the robot camera, there’re also some indoor hidden cameras that can help to safeguard our home and office. Like the USB spy camera chargerhidden camera wall clock they also have the motion sensor functions.

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