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What’s Motion Activated Camera no wifi

Motion Activated Camera No Wifi is the motion activated camera that can work and realize all functions when there’s no wifi and tradition internet. Like the on-live video and once detect the human movement send alert notifications to monitor mobile phone APP. Yes. We can use mobile data instead of wifi to support motion activated camera on-live function. We should consider the mobile data consumption: 10-20M/day (in standby mode), 3-5M/min (reading on-live video) 5M/min (reading record video).

When will we use Motion Activated Camera with no wifi?

  • When we have an idle old house, we need surveillance. But there’s no wifi, no network, and we want to save budge, don’t want to buy wifi. We suggest our motion activated camera no wifi mode. It can help to surveillance the house with no wifi and send notification alert to our monitor APP in mobile phones, tablet or computers. How fantastic it is as the home security camera.
  • In our big farm, plantation, working building. There’s no wifi and network. We can still safeguard there, get the push notification at the monitor app. Our motion activated camera can help to solve the above surveillance demand with no wifi.

How does the motion activated camera work when it’s with no wifi.

Working Solution 1: Store record in TF card, read in computer

When there’s no traditional networks and wifi coved, the motion activated camera can work take video and store in the TF card. Then read the TF card record in the computer.

Working Solution 2: Use a mobile hot spot as a network.

Turn on the mobile hot spot, connect the camera to the hot spot. Actually this way, the mobile hot spot help to share mobile data network to the monitor camera. There’re two key points:

  1. Our high-quality camera supports the remote mobile net efficient connection of 50-100 meters, depending on the using environment.
  2. When using the mobile data network we should take care of mobile data budge. The data consumption: 10-20M/day (in standby mode), 3-5M/min (reading on-live video) 5M/min (reading record video)

Working Solution 3: Buy a SIM card for safeguard camera specially.

The motion activated camera outdoor has a built-in SIM card interface port. We can inquiry and choose a mobile data SIM card with an economic budge. The security camera can use mobile data to transport the on-live video. We should take care of the data consumption: 10-20M/day (in standby mode), 3-5M/min (reading on-live video) 5M/min (reading record video).

Working Solution 4: Access the security camera built-in WiFi system

The motion activated camera has a built-in WiFi system. There’s a two-dimension code label on the camera. Just use the smartphone scan the code, add and process the camera APP. We can access the camera WiFi system. Our high-quality security camera supports an efficient connection with mobile for 50-100 meters. Then we can monitor the camera in an off internet system.

security camera no wifi
security camera no wifi

Why do we need the motion activated camera no wifi?

The motion activated camera no wifi can help to save the budge at the place with no traditional network and wifi covered. That has the same functions just with a mobile data SIM card.

The motion activated camera outdoor has a good PIR sensor to detects the human in its view field. That can take real-time video, send a notification alert to monitor mobile phone APP. People can also see the real-time video on the APP. With the intercom function, the master can talk with the visitor in the monitor field. In this way even when we are outside, we can monitor our house?

When some intruders walk through the motion activated camera, the device will detect the motion and open the bright light, high DB alarm and camera. You can also communicate to the people by the connected APP, there’s a loudspeaker on the camera, you can warning the intruders to go away. And the camera will start to record once motivate activate by motion. The video record will be real evidence.

Especially, when we want to protect the farm and instruction there’s no wifi covered, the motion activated cameras are widely used and safeguard there well. The device can help to make video and safeguard with light and alarm to scare away the intruders. Also, keep the evidence help police to seek the criminal offender.

Motion Activated Camera outdoor no WiFi Specification

Video Resolution:1080P or 720P (HD)
Lens Type:CMOS
Memory Card Type: MicroSD/TF
Expansion memory with TF card:32GB or 64GB
Recording Time:depend on the TF card capacity
Power SupplySolar or USB plug
Battery Support: Rechargeable

APP Remote Monitor, PIR motion detection, waterproof, sleep mode power saving, Cloud service.

What’s the feature of motion activated camera no wifi?

The motion activated camera no wifi is specially used for outdoor. No matter raining or shine, hot or cold, this camera never quits.

Two Charge Modes support motion activated camera no wifi.

The motion activated camera supports solar charging or 5V USB cable(Included). Special-designed and high-quality solar penal and big power storage battery can support enough power. 6 hours of sunlight recharge, can support a 1-week camera working in standby mode, when detecting motion, then work. When we want to take video continually all the time, or the solar energy of your location is in short supply, then we can use a normal phone charger to charge the motion-activated camera. Solar power charging can help to save energy. Two charge modes support good performance in outdoor use.

Reel Wire-Free and APP Control motion activated camera no wifi.

The motion-activated camera no wifi has no cords, solar-powered, easy to install, you can place the outdoor camera anywhere you want and Phone APP remote monitor your house from anywhere at any time; Support up to 128GB TF card storage(Not included), and it will record only when triggered. Support cloud storage.

Smart PIR Sensor Motion Activated Camera no wifi

The safeguard device is armed with the newest Adjustable PIR sensibility and wide-angle sensor (5 Meters IR Range) detects human movements and offers real-time and accurate alerts (APP push notifications).

  • you can fix the motion-activated camera no wifi at the necessary entrance to your house. When you are not home, you can also monitor the house.
  • You can also install that on the farm. Take the on-live video, you can monitor at the smartphone APP. There’s no power supply at someplace of a big farm, but solar power can energy can supply the safeguard device.
  • Also, that can install at the on-process building, street, garden, and all Public space. It’s a good device to suggest.

Long Standby Time.

Normally the wireless safeguard motion activated camera outdoor can work with only solar power chargers. We can calculate if triggers the alarm of 10-15 activation recording per day, Only requires 1 day in a week with sufficient sunlight for 4-6 hours, the solar power could last for the whole week. (Please note that battery using time is influenced by camera activation times and strength of sunlight).

And there are two modes that can be selected, one takes video continuously, the other one is standby mode, only takes video when detection of motivation. When at no wifi situation, we suggest standby mode to save the mobile data.

Weatherproof and Sleep Mode

The motion activated camera no wifi is IP65 waterproof, strong water-resistant design for working under different weather conditions. No operation within the 30s, start sleep mode, more power-saving.

Why choose us?

Ai-won located in Shenzhen, China. We have the factories producing the Sunglasses Spy Camera, Mini Camera, Spy pen camera, kids monitor, Nanny cam, Dash camera, GPS tracker, Motion Activated Camera and so on. The hot selling products in domestic and oversea markets, mainly exported to Europe, America, Middle East Southeast Asia, and other countries

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Customer popular questions.

Q: Can I print my logo on the product? Can I customize the colors and finish type?

A: Yes, all appearances are customizable.

Q: I want a different type of packaging, is it possible?

A: Yes, not a problem. There is a stock fee for quantities under 2000pcs and free of charge above 2000pcs (based on carton or blister type packaging).

Q: How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

A: We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. If sea shipment, it depends on the vessel.

Q: I want samples with my own logo, is it possible?

A: Yes it is possible. A small charge may apply depending on requirements.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee for the products?

A: yes, we offer one year guarantee for the products.

Summarize of motion activated camera no wifi

When we need to surveillance an idle old house, big farm, plantation, working building. There’s no wifi and traditional network. We can still use our security camera safeguards there. We list the solution in this article if you have any comment and suggestion, welcome to tell us. We are manufacture in Shenzhen China, welcome to your inquiry and wholesale propose. We hope to do long-term and win-win cooperation with you. Thanks.

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