How to choose a motion-activated camera?

When we want to choose a motion-activated camera. We may want to know:

What’s your intent to purchase the motion-activated camera?

  1. We can install the motion activated camera in the front door, When have any person visit us, and appear at the view field of the motion-activated camera. It can send a notification to us, no matter we are home or outside. Furthermore, we can talk with the visitor, ask what they want to do or alarm the thief leave the house. This can help us safeguard our home even when we are out, go work, or have a trip.
  2. We can also install the camera at the entrance of the office or shop, once have humans came in, which can help to make a video record of business behavior. That can also send a notification to connect the smartphone app. This we suggest the USB spy camera for example.
  3. Install in the important place, need to safeguard seriously. Like the warehouse, offline store, entrance of farm, plantation, construction site. This site needs to guard well. The motion-activated camera night vision is a 24hours no free eyes and loyal tool to help us surveillance the important place.

How to choose a motion-activated camera?

  1. Outdoor of a big house, farm, construction entrance we can use the outdoor motion-activated camera. That has a solar panel to store the power of the battery. That can use many days even no power supply.
  2. At the entrance of the house, office or covert warehouse, we can use a mini spy camera, USB spy camera, or hidden camera clock. This camera can be hidden well, not cause the intruder’s attention, can get the visit signal well. Coordinate with the speaker or other light systems, we can tell the intruder to go away ASAP. No worry the intruder destroys the device because on-live video already sends to the APP end device.
  3. There’s also a special kids’ nanny camera, that can help to take care of our kid or elder. With one press of a button in the camera. We can have a nice talk with a smart device APP.

The working theory of motion activated camera.

The Motion Activated Camera we want to suggest is A Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR sensor). We can study PIR from Wikipedia. That is an electronic sensor detects infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in the sensor’s field of view. When using this PIR sensor in the camera, that can start the camera. Once detected the object’s IR light, the sensor can get and transfer the signal to the camera and send a notification to the smartphone monitor APP.

There’s also software-based motion activated cameras detect motion by comparing pixel changes between successive frames. If a human or animal passes by, the different pixels will be counted and the software inside will trigger motion alerts.

We mainly suggest the PIR motion activated cameras, that only motivated by the human IR light radiation. And software-based one will also be motivated by the asway curtain. That’s not the efficient signal we want.

How to install the motion activated camera?

People may buy the motion activated camera in the room, outdoors, in office, in front of a computer. After getting it. We just need to install it in the correct place. Setting the correct power supply. And correct signal transformer model.

What’s the correct place to install the motion activated camera?

  1. Avoid direct sunlight.
  2. Avoid motion activated camera face to the air conditioner or element radiator.
  3. Avoid too much vapor, high moisture place.
  4. Avoid the curtain, screen or have moved an object, that will block the detection field.
  5. Just put install the motion activated camera face to the correct place, that can detect the visiting guys easily.

After choosing the correct place, then we need to set a power supply hub and ensure the WIFI can cover the place. After installing the PIR-motion activated camera, we then need also install the monitor app in our smartphone according to the instruction. Then we can test whether the camera and the PIR sensor all worked well.

How does a PIR motion activated camera work?

When have humans in front of the camera, the camera can detect the human emit IR light radiation. Then the computer will start work to take video and also send a notification message to the smartphone APP. In the smartphone APP, we can save the on-live video.

  • And some motion-activated camera has an audio function, have the two-way voice communication. We can scare away the intruders.
  • If the courier comes, we can instruct them to leave our file or baggage at the correct place.
  • When our children back home by themselves, The front door camera can send us the notification, the child is back home safely, and with an indoor nanny camera, we can know how what happened at home, we can also have good communication with them.

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