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What’s the hidden spy pen cam?

Hidden spy pen cam is one of the most popular body cameras. It’s also a portable hidden camera. There’s a tiny camera hidden in the classic pen sleeve. When charger fully, we can bring it outside and take video and audio records. By pressing the button and clicking it in our pocket, the fashion design camera will start to work. It’s difficult for others to recognize it as a hidden camera.

Hidden Spy Pen Cam Features:

  • Normal pen classic design, difficult to recognize as a spy camera.
  • With the one-button operation, Just press the button, the hidden camera will work, won’t attract other’s attention. All operations are done with one button.
  • The spy pen cam has Loop Recording, when the recording files are full of memory, automatically cancel the first recording file and start loop recording.
  • 1080P full HD camera, Resolution is 1920*1080, video format: AVI, DSP Noise Reduction. The higher pixel and clear video shows give you a wonderful experience to use it.
  • No Flashing LED, No flashing LED when recording, that won’t indicate the camera function, won’t attract attention.
  • Date and Timestamp, Video has an embedded date and time, simple to use.

Portable Spy Pen Cam Specification

Video Resolution:1080P (Full-HD)
Lens Type:CMOS
Memory Card Type:  MicroSD/TF
Expansion memory with TF card: 8GB to 32GB
Recording Time: About 2 hours
Battery Built-in Lithium Battery
Battery Support:  Rechargeable

Battery Capacity: 
5V 1A lithium battery

Our online body camera products to suggest:

Why we need a portable spy pen camera?

What you see is not necessarily the truth. It’s not enough with voice recording, the videos provide irrefutable evidence with a camera. When you forget something important at a meeting when you miss an important course before an exam when you want to protect your documents whether been read by others. We suggest a portable spy pen camera is your best tool to solve the above problems.

So this ultra-integrated pen type design, suitable for meeting recording, evidence recording, and outdoor sports scenes, etc100% COVERT: Best quality hidden camera pen, just simply forget cheap CCTV security cameras with low-resolution video, our Camera Pen Camera provides full covert recording for home, outdoor or business at full 720P or 1080P HD

Details of the spy pen camera function:

Portable and Hidden well.

  • The portable spy pen cam has a normal pen classic design. It almost recognized as a real normal pen. When we click the pen on the pocket or document. People will think that’s a normal pen, no special function. The camera is hidden well, very difficult to find.
  • It has an elegant and classic design. The camera lens is hidden well in an alloy steel case that’s with classical construction and elegant lines, which makes it easier to carry it to the various occasions, like school, party, business, car driving recorder, sports DV, etc.
  • It’s very convenient. You can record videos naturally by pressing the button on the top, pretend to press the button twice to take pictures. The portable spy pen can work about 100 minutes after charge full energy.

Expansion memory with 8G-32G TF card.

The spy pen cameral supports expandable memory with an 8G-32G TF card. The expansion memory makes our record time a much longer time, no need to worry looping function will automatically delete the important record at the earliest time. It’s not like a normal spy pen has no expansion memory only built-in memory. Also, this removable TF card memory feature, help us to protect our safety of record file and also our privacy.

1080P full HD camera

The spy pen camera has a high-quality video. 1080P Full HD, Resolution is 1920*1080, video format: AVI, DSP Noise Reduction. The higher pixel and clear video shows give you a wonderful experience to use it. especially when you have an important meeting and course, you want to make a record and learn again, this spy pen cam is a very good solution.

Why choose us?

Ai-won located in Shenzhen, China. We have the factories producing the Sunglasses Spy Camera, Mini Camera, Spy pen camera, kids monitor, Nanny cam, Dash camera, GPS tracker and so on. The hot selling products in domestic and oversea markets, mainly exported to Europe, America, Middle East Southeast Asia, and other countries

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Customer popular questions.

Q: Can I print my logo on the product? Can I customize the colors and finish type?

A: Yes, all appearances are customizable.

Q: I want a different type of packaging, is it possible?

A: Yes, not a problem. There is a stock fee for quantities under 2000pcs and free of charge above 2000pcs (based on carton or blister type packaging).

Q: How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

A: We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. If sea shipment, it depends on the vessel.

Q: I want samples with my own logo, is it possible?

A: Yes it is possible. A small charge may apply depending on requirements.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee for the products?

A: yes, we offer one year guarantee for the products.


In this article, we suggest a hidden spy pen camera feature. Why we need the hidden spy camera pen? The wonderful functions of the hidden spy camera pen Welcome to tell us your comment and inquiry.

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There’s also a similar product like 128G portable spy pen camera. That has a larger storage capacity, and it has a 90-degree rotating lens. It can work portable, and also as a temporary car dash camera or put at any corner in our office and home. That’s thanks to the rotation lens.

There’s also a spy sunglasses camera. It’s also a fashion portable camera. It can work to take video when we ware it. Also with the Bluetooth function, and plug with an earphone, it can use as a phone calling receiver, and music listening.

Beside’s the portable body cameras, there’re also some indoor hidden cameras that can help to safeguard our home and office. Like the USB spy camera chargerhidden camera wall clock, and outdoor motion activated cameras, that’s a help to safeguard our life at any place.

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