Hidden Camera

The hidden camera widely used in home and office monitors and supervisory. There are hidden camera clock, hidden USB charger camera, Hidden camera digital clock, Hidden camera bubble and so on.

What are the main functions we should consider when choosing the hidden camera?

APP Remote Monitor

After installing the hidden camera APP on the smartphone or tablet, We can monitor the camera anywhere. Open the camera to see the on-live video and audio. Some hidden cameras will have a loudspeaker support the alarm or interphone function. When we find the intruder, we can scare them to leave our home or office. We told them the hidden camera already send the video and audio evidence to our smartphone APP. Any destroy of the device is unuseful. So the APP Remote monitor is a necessary and important function.

Smart PIR Motion-Activated Sensor

Some hidden cameras are used as the safeguard device, installed at the entrance of the house or office. Armed with the PIR motion-activated function. Once intruder comes, the smart PIR camera will detect the motive and send us the notifications. With the remote monitor APP, we can instruct the safeguard device to scare away the intruder by real-time and accurate alerts. The newest Adjustable PIR sensibility and wide-angle sensor (5 Meters IR Range) detects human movements. This can help us to protect our families or important file and privacy in the office, even when we are not on the spot.

Night Vision

There are two kind night vision support modes. One is the LED light help to light-up the surrounding space to get a clear video or photo. The other one is the infrared (IR) night vision, which relies on infrared light. The good hidden security camera, we suggest is IR night vision. The IR is Invisible. With a dark & transparent shelf coved, the camera can be hidden well and also get clear video and photo.

Expanded TF card.

When using the hidden camera, we will also consider the expanded TF card. Mainly 128G TF card is supported by the normal good hidden camera. Then we will have plenty of storage space to record for hours on end. When the memory card is full, just plug the camera or memory card into the computer. We can transfer all the files to the computer in just a few minutes. We can also download the files right from the included app and save them to the phone or computer.

1080P or 720P Full HD camera.

The most high-level hidden camera will support 1080P full HD camera, Resolution is 1920*1080, The higher pixel and clear video shows give you wonderful experience to use it. 720P is also available.

How to choose a hidden camera?

After reading the above main function of hidden camera. We will know a bit about how to choose a hidden camera. We list the popular hidden camera for your reference.

Hidden Camera Wall Clock

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USB Spy Camera with audio

Why we need USB spy camera with audio? The USB spy camera with audio means the spy camera can take on-live video and also audio. When somebody stands in the camera review field and talks there, we can see what they doing and also listen to what they speak. It’s a good home security camera. …

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USB Spy Camera Instructions

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