What’s the surveillance camera lens focal length?

When people choose the surveillance camera, (like especially home security camera, the motion activated camera) they need to know how to choose the suit camera, and they should know the parameter of the camera. Especially, lens focal length. What’s the meaning of the lens focal length?

focus length
focus length

In the surveillance camera. When the lens focal length (unit: mm) is smaller, it will get a wider field of vision, but the image of the object in the picture is smaller. On the contrary, the larger the focal length, the narrow the field of vision, and the clear image of the object in the picture. Effective Object Distance

Camera lens focal length, surveillance angle and distance relevance:

Lens focal length2.8mm4mm6mm8mm12mm16mm
Surveillance Angle75°70°50°38.5°26.2°19.8°
Surveillance Distance3m10m15m25m40m50m
motion activated camera
motion activated camera

In physics, the focal length is a measurement method used in an optical system to measure the aggregation or divergence of light. It refers to the distance from the optical center of the lens to the focus of light aggregation when parallel light incidence.

Optical systems with short focal lengths have a better ability to concentrate light than optical systems with long focal lengths. Short to say, the focal length is the distance between the focal point and the center of the optical lens.

Do you know how to choose the security camera lens focal length then? It’s one important specification when choosing the home security camera. Also, we should consider the camera resolution, pixel when choosing the security camera. Are you clear of the pixel? We have an article about it. Welcome to your comment and inquiry.

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