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Camera components.

The video is taken by the camera. So the video quality depends on the Camera. Normally the camera is composed by many components, including lens, infrared filter, image sensor, digital signal processing, soft plate, and other parts.

The image sensor is key parts in camera components

In the camera components, the key part is the image sensor. In the normal security camera, we mainly use CMOS, it’s with high image quality and also cost price. The other kind sensor is CCD, it’s widely used in DC, DV. But it’s at a high cost. Some security cameras producers said they use the CCD sensor to raise the product marketing product figure, but that not mean they can gain better image quality.

Infrared filter is also very important for a night-vision camera.

High-quality Night vision cameras are armed with infrared cutoff filters. It helps to avoid any loss of image quality during the day time. The filters work method is actually pretty simple, but it’s still smart technology.

When the camera lens captures daylight (visible light), it moves an infrared cutoff filter onto the lens to block infrared light that affects the quality of the image. Once the light drops enough to require night vision to record, the camera filter moves away. This “filter switch” results in better image quality throughout the day and night. If you stand near these cameras, you can hear a clear click sound because of the camera’s moving position.

Without the infrared cutting filter, there is no way to block the full spectrum of light. The result is a distorted image in daylight, that is, a pink-gray hue that lacks depth and may lose focus.

We have the motion activated camera night vision that uses this smart Infrared filter technology especially. Please click here to see more.

So when we choose a suit security camera, we should know used in day and night, how the camera process the visible day-light mixed with infrared, and at night, sensor the infrared light. Where there’s high-illuminance LED to light up the surrounding. We have engineers team developing and maintain the security camera product quality. Welcome your comment and inquiry.

Video shooting principle:

To understand how to judge camera video quality, we should clear the video shooting principle: Firstly the light passes through the camera lens and passes through an infrared filter. Then the processed light hits on an image sensor. The image sensor converts the light signal into an electrical signal, then converts the electrical signal into a digital signal, and stores it.

How is the relationship between camera pixel and resolution (1080P)

What’s the pixel?

Pixels as an image quality index essentially mean the height of the video in the number of pixels. So, video quality at 1080p means – the height of the video is 1080 pixels. Then what is the width of the video? In common convention, the video is 16:9 for online playback. So the width of the video becomes 1080*16/9 – 1920 pixels.

So, in common convention:

  • 1080P means height: 1080 pixels, width:1920 pixels.
  • 480P means height: 480 pixels, width: 640 pixel.

The higher the resolution of the picture, the larger the pixel of the picture will be. For example, a picture with a resolution of 640×480 requires about 310,000 pixels, while a picture with a resolution of 2048×1536 requires up to 3.14 million pixels.

Typically, the higher the resolution of the image, the more pixels it contains, the clearer the image, and the better the print quality. It also increases the amount of storage that files take up.

1080P video for example

The HD 1080P video generally refers to the screen resolution of 1920×1080. The result is a 200W pixel.

So the camera smaller than 200W pixel cannot even meet the requirements of shooting 1080P video in terms of the basic pixel amount. Even if the mobile phone video has enough processing power, it cannot shoot 1080p video.

Do you know how to choose the camera pixel then? If you need to monitor the large space like an outdoor security camera, then we will suggest the high resolution and pixel. If we need to have a smooth video at home or office by remote monitor. We suggest a suit pixel, like normal 1080P and 720P.

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