Body Camera

Body Camera we provide mainly means for the hidden outdoor camera and security spy cameras that can bring out. Body camera includes spy camera glasses, spy camera pen, mini wifi camera, and etc. The body spy camera demands a high-quality built-in rechargeable battery to supply power. And also that should be a wireless spy camera, some time we will use wifi to connect it. So it’s also a mini wifi camera. Sometimes also uses Bluetooth to connect the body camera to our smartphone.

How is the main feature we should consider when choosing the best body Camera?

Wireless and connect method

The Body spy camera is Wireless. Then we can take the body camera outside. Like the spy camera glasses, we can wear them on. Take video when doing exercise. With the Bluetooth connection, we can also use the spy camera glasses to listen to music, receiving a calling. The mini camera is a wifi camera, We need to install a monitor APP to control the camera on the smartphone. With this mini wifi camera, we can put it in the concerning place, at the remote monitor APP we can see the on-live video.  Also with the wifi connection, there are many fantastic functions that can realize. Let’s read the following.

Hidden well, portable and easy to use.

The body spy camera is lightweight, portable. Like the sunglasses spy camera and pen camera, we can wear them and open the operation. The tiny camera lens is so small, very difficult for others recognized. We can bring them to traveling, meetings, parties, and courses. We can take the wonderful exercise video, important meeting,  and some pet lovers can fix the mini camera on the pets, to take cool video at pets’ sight. We can fix them on the vehicle, use it as the temporary dash camera. So convenient, bring one.

Expand memory 16G, 32G, 64G or 128G TF card

The body camera can support largest 128G TF card. We can store up to 128GB of HD video on the body camera when we purchase a separate memory card. Then we will have plenty of storage space to record for hours video on the body camera. When the memory card is full, just plug the camera into the computer using the included USB cable and we can transfer all your files in just a few minutes. We can also download the files right from the included app and save them to the phone or computer.

1080P or 720P full HD camera.

The high-level body camera has a high-quality video. 1080P Full HD, Resolution is 1920*1080, video format: AVI, DSP Noise Reduction. The higher pixel and clear video shows give you wonderful experience to use it. especially when you have an important meeting and course, you want to make a record and learn again. Also as we know 1080P will demand larger storage. So 720P is optional. Welcome to customize demand.

Night Vision & PIR motion-activated function

Some customers will demand the body camera has night vision and PIR motion-activated. The mini body camera used as the safeguard device,  installed at the entrance of the house or office. Armed with the PIR motion-activated function. Once intruder comes, the smart PIR camera will detect the motive and send us the notifications.  When it has the night vision, that can also have a clear video or photo in a dark place.

What other function do you want? Tell us, we are a professional spy camera factory, we can do OEM and customized order. Welcome to your inquiry and email.

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